Know How S.r.l. is employing personnel who’s highly prepared to restore hail damaged car bodies.
The repair is much faster as compared to traditional methods and the car maintains its original paint.
This "Paintless Dent Removal" system, being paint and paste free, is most effective where the paint hasn’t suffered any damage.

Know How S.r.l. is offering a year-around routine service to local clients and an intensive service wherever specific geographical areas require intervention.
Our best clients are Insurance Companies, Car Body Shops and Automobile Dealers who take advantage of this service to offer their clients the best quality and price.

  • Dings and dents in your cars?
  • Hail damages?
  • Hundreds of dented cars to repair?
  • Are you an expert Paintless Dent Removal technician and would like to temporarily join our team?
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